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Poster: BryanE Date: May 30, 2007 8:36am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Branford and Trucks (non-dead - but w/in the family)

Honestly, rasta, it was little more than a camping trip for me, but not without its own unique diversions. After setting up the tent late afternoon and early evening on Thursday, and with my wife taking a nap inside while the rest of our party headed uphill for the music, I sat on watch duty at our site. But well before our group went to the stage, a guy came stumbling along the path next to where we were, carrying on frantically that he was about to die, that his dad was about to die, that his dad did die-from a heart attack, that he, too, was going to have a heart attack, all the while yelling for somebody named BENNETT!!! Every few steps, he had to stop and help someone he was steering along who kept falling all over herself. Finally that person was able to right herself just enough to walk into our site, naked as the day she was born. Jesse, my older stepdaughter's boyfriend, immediately directed them elsewhere. It was as hilarious as it was bizarre, and we laughed about it for the next ten minutes or so until, just like a couple of insanely tripping boomerangs, the glimmer twins returned, still stumbling, still dying, still looking for BENNETT!!!, and she was still naked. This time she sauntered into the circle of chairs around the campfire, pupils like giant black holes, posing the question, "Aren't we all like this?" Well, no, we aren't all crazy naked people on drugs. My younger stepdaughter came to her rescue as the woman was about to walk right into the fire, told her, "No, you don't want to do that," and wrapped a towel around her while turning her toward the opposite direction. They lingered on the outskirts of the site, still babbling about dying, BENNETT, and God-knows-what long enough for Jesse to realize that they needed another nudge down the path. He escorted them for a couple of minutes, even fending off the dude's feeble challenge to a fight. As Jesse returned to the tents, he was able to look over his shoulder just in time to see the naked chick lose the towel that Lindsey had given her. Other than that, much of the first night was spent looking for keys and a wallet that became misplaced or lost almost immediately upon our arrival. Fortunately for me, none of them were mine, but it did add an air of frustration to it all. Eventually the searches were suspended, and while the rest of the party went to check out one of the first night's bands, I relaxed by the fire, listening to the jam/rave music that drifted down to the site. It sounded okay, but the moments that the band really got cookin' fell in between long expanses of what was a little too aimless of a drone for my personal taste.

Friday the rain started in the early evening, about a half hour after we erected a huge tarp that was big enough to cover our whole site. And it kept raining. Sometimes it rained very heavily. VERY heavily. Flash flood conditions. Occasionally it would stop for about 15 or 20 minutes, only to start again just as furiously as before. It seemed for a little while late in the evening that we were getting a real break, so my daughter and I made plans for me to finally traverse with her to the stage, but sure enough, while I was in the tent changing into dry clothes, the rain returned. We thought we'd wait it out inside the tent. After a bit, I stepped back out to the fire that had kept burning despite the downpour. Returning to the tent, I found that she'd fallen asleep, so, to coin a phrase, I wrote it all off as a wash. On Saturday, my wife felt the same, so we packed it up and headed home for a quiet, DRY night in front of the TV. And there were no unexpected crazy naked people wandering through our yard or anything. I did take a hot bath, but I'm the crazy naked person that belongs in our bedroom after I bathe, so that was not a problem.